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Bah! I'm a little behind - planned on finishing up my actual work by yesterday, and I got a heap of stuff dumped on me so I have to get that done first. Oh the trials and tribulations of trying to do personal stuff at work. Pff. :P

Fear not! The deadline for a final chapter still will be the 31st! The excerpt will just be a little late. Going to pound out all of it on Saturday and see if it's good enough.

Deadline for chapter 6: 10/31.

Excerpt to be posted on: 10/17 ( my birthday! )

Ack! Why did it try to auto-post to only members? Does it do that with everything? D:

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Day three of the nutrition experiment. No fast food the past two days, really craving a cheeseburger but I shalt refrain!

I tried Spam yesterday! It is honestly NOT that bad! It also has a very, very long shelf life whith is great. Had a few pieces of fruit, I give it until Friday before the fruit would become questionable. After that it will be the canned stuff.

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Beef Ravioli Causes Depression
(not really)

If there was a zombie apocalypse and I had one chance to get canned goods before leaving to run/fight for my life and they didn't have CHEESE ravioli I would be UNBELIEVABLY depressed. Thanks Wal-Mart, for crushing dreams.

Here I go eating my BEEF Ravioli, much to my disdain. good source of calories and protein, and will last a good few years in a can with a pull tab. Excellent for travel. And good cold! However, from my brief research there would definitely be electricity for a good solid 24 hours after infection or abandonment of the power plants so I microwaved mine. Soon: experimentation with unconventional means of heating.

Post-Apocalyptic Nutrition
Today is the start of my month-long experiment of how to get good nutrition in a dying world. Had Ramen Noodles for breakfast (the Maruchan cup kind with the veggies in it), which I imagine would last a long time after the chaos passed.

Ramen noodles, after about half an hour of research, has a shelf life of like 2 years, which is pretty good! More later...

Chapter 12 Excerpt
Reserved for chapter 12!

Crash and Burn

Life on the farm, harvesting... brains?

Chapter 11 Excerpt
Reserved for chapter 11!

Burning Fuel

How to keep exercise effective, what to aim for via goals.

Chapter 10 Excerpt
Reserved for Chapter 10!

Lookin' Good!

Biking during a zombie outbreak a good idea? Sandra and Joe will find out...

Chapter 9 Excerpt
Reserved for Chapter 9!

Nutritional Value

What's going to be consumable and healthy for us in the future? What should we be eating now to prepare for it?


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